DDS Supported Employment Program

Our Employment Services cater to various vocational needs, from individualized (SEI and IDV) to group-based (GSE) programs. Individualized employment services focus on helping the individual achieve independence and success through competitive employment in the community. Based on assessments, professional support will be provided to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have the potential and skills to work independently but may require periodic assistance on the job. The goal is that once an individual placement is made in the community, job support can fade over time.

The Group Supported Employment (GSE) Program aims to maintain successful employment in an integrated community setting for a small group of individuals with similar needs. An Employment Specialist is on-site at all times to serve as the supervisor of the work setting, to act as the liaison with the host company, and to ensure the quality of the work being performed. The Employment Specialist is responsible for assessing the skills and needs of the individuals in order to assist them in establishing their goals and employment paths. Additionally, participants will learn skills for work that are marketable should the individual wish to move to a more independent work situation in the future.

Details: Services are offered primarily Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM-4:30 PM, but the actual schedule and frequency of services are dependent upon individualized needs. Geographic areas covered include West Haven and New Milford.

DDS Supported Employment Program Contact Information:

Jamie Owens
Director of Community & Employment Services
Phone: (203) 389-2970, ext. 1446

Zeno Payton
Vice President of DDS Community and Employment Services
Phone: (203) 389-2970, ext. 1214

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