Ed Mas, Father of Donna writes:

In 1987 we met with Frank and his office staff (Marcia) in a small office on the second floor of a building in Westville. It was not very impressive, but we had learned over the years not to make decisions that affected Donna on the basis of physical appearance. We knew it was the people that Donna would interacted that would be the crucial element in which determined our ultimate decisions. We were pleased with our initial meeting with Frank and later with staff at Englewood House. We have never looked back.

In September of 2009, we were asked to write a letter urging support for Marrakech. In that letter we listed our reasons for believing that Marrakech was of support. We believed that what we stated at that time best describes our experience in the years that Donna has been with Marrakech. Our reasons are as follows: (1) The administrative staff is highly professional, very competent and dedicated to the worthy goals of the organizations. (2) The entire organization makes the health and welfare of the clients its top priority. (3) The organization is creative in providing programs to meet the needs of clients. (4) The personal care of clients by staff counselors is always of high caliber. (5) The organization is open and receptive to suggestions made by parents and guardians and responds to valid concerns.

We have seen each of these statements verified often to Donna's 23 years at Marrakech. Staff have been patient in teaching Donna to do her laundry and to make her bed. Donna loved being in the Willy Wonka Show, attending the proms at Fantasia, and growing and developing over the years with Marrakech.

When we felt that Donna could benefit from a change of houses, the staff was receptive to our concerns. After an evaluation session, we all agreed that Knollwood House would be a perfect placement for Donna. She has been as happy there as we could desire for her. She has been there for almost 18 years.

In April 2010, Donna went on her second cruise with her housemate, Yvonne, Lauren, and Antoinette from Orangecrest. Each young lady was chaperoned by a favorite staff person. They went on an 8 day cruise to the Bahamas. This was a big step for us. For the first time in 25 years we were entrusting the care of Donna away from is to someone other than a family member. Not to worry. Everyone had a great time and the staff survived, and our faith in Marrakech was not misplaced.

We have never regretted our decision to place Donna in the care of Marrakech, Inc. We are confident that Donna's future with Marrakech will continue to be bright and she will remain as happy as she has been and is today.

Donna has also been fortunate to have a caring extended family of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and close friends. Cornelia and I are appreciative of all the support we have receive from everyone associated with Donna. We are so pleased for the opportunity to share Donna's great life with you all.


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