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About this Program - Marrakech, Inc. is approved by the State of Connecticut to provide a broad array of services to people who have acquired brain injuries. These services are intended to assist people in leading productive lives in the community. Person-centered services are the result of a team process that identifies goals, interests, preferences, needs and resources. The team is comprised of the person served, a cognitive behaviorist, a social worker, the family, and community nursing services as well as representatives from Marrakech, Inc. Once the service plan is in place, Marrakech works with the individual and other team members to achieve the established objectives. Highly individualized services are designed to provide assistance with securing housing, supports in their home, employment assistance, skill building and case management.

Professionals and paraprofessionals that have completed the standard ABI training program carry out the service plan. When ILST is part of the service plan, staff must also be ILST-certified.  Marrakech's Clinical Director for ABI Services conducts regular staff training activities to ensure staff stays up to date on the latest ABI strategies and information, both in a group setting as well as individually with staff and consumers.  In addition, both the Clinical Director and the Vice President of ABI Services are Certified Brain Injury Specialists.

The services that Marrakech, Inc. offers through this program are:

Independent Living Support Training (ILST) is training and assessment to assist program participants in learning the skills necessary to live safely and independently such as cooking, housekeeping, personal care, decision making, money management, etc. Staff that provides this service is ILST-certified.

Supported Employment Services are utilized when an individual has paid employment, but due to their disabilities, will need ongoing, intensive support to perform in a work setting. This also includes activities needed to sustain paid work by individuals receiving waiver services, including supervision and training. Supported employment is conducted in a variety of settings, including integrated work sites where there are persons without disabilities.

Pre-Vocational Services provide assistance in acquiring skills to facilitate employment in the future. This may include but is not limited to compensatory memory strategies, stamina building, keyboard and computer skills, career exploration, volunteerism, interviewing skills, and any other area that increases workforce competitiveness and productivity.

Job Coaching Services - When an individual is placed in a job, on the job supports are provided to assist the individual in becoming competent at his or her job, learning new skills and negotiating the work place.

Case Management Services - These services are available to coordinate care, entitlements and services to the individual with the acquired brain injury and his/her family members.

Companion Services are offered to reduce the feeling of isolation that living with an acquired brain injury may bring. The companion accompanies the individual to leisure activities in the community or just visits the individual at home. They also assist by reinforcing the teaching/training offered by ILST services.

Community Living Support Services - For individuals who would benefit from overnight services in addition to the other services, these supports may be accomplished as community living support services.

Eligibility - People must meet the eligibility requirements for the ABI Waiver that is administered by the State of Connecticut Department of Social Services or the eligibility criteria of the State of Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Persons also may be referred through the Money Follows the Person program (use link below to read more about this).

Geographic Areas Covered - Statewide program

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Lakesha Oliver
Vice President
Supportive Living Services and Aquired Brain Injury Services
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contact info

Marrakech Inc
Six Lunar Drive
Woodbridge, CT 06525
p: 203.389.2970
f: 203.397.0658

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