Community Housing Assistance Program (CHAP)

Description: CHAP is a DCF-funded program that offers community, housing, educational, and employment resources for individuals 17 years of age or older who are committed to DCF. The goal is to assist individuals in fully transitioning to independent living. As part of the CHAP, DCF contracts with Marrakech, Inc. to provide case management services to eligible participants.

Marrakech's CHAP Case Managers are required to have 7 years of experience in the field or a Bachelor's degree with some related experience. CHAP Case Managers receive all core Marrakech training including CPR, First Aid, Abuse and Neglect and Behavior Management. Additionally, CHAP Case Managers must be certified in the Ansel Casey Life Skills curriculum. CHAP Case Managers are credentialed by the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Services are primarily provided in the greater New Haven and greater Bridgeport areas. However, services may be provided in other parts of the state upon request.

Eligibility - To be eligible for services, individuals must be 17 years of age or older, be committed to DCF and be transitioning to independent living. Referrals for CHAP must be initiated by the DCF Social Worker and then issued to Marrakech from DCF's Central Office.

Contact Information

Gerry Zarra
Vice President of Workforce Development
Phone: 203-389-2970 x 1303
Fax: 203-397-0658
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DCF CHAP Website:

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Marrakech Inc
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p: 203.389.2970
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