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In response to the input from the people that Marrakech, Inc. serves, Marrakech established a vehicle by which to meet community integration and connection desires. The quality of life program was developed to offer opportunities for the consumers of Marrakech to integrate in their communities and offer opportunities that often are taken for granted by the socially valued person. If a socially valued person were to ally with a socially de-valued person it would increase the acceptance of the de-valued individual. In life, people take on certain social roles, for example: mother, student, employee, etc. The goal would be to integrate the de-valued person into a socially valued role that allows the de-valued person to establish a sense of value and self-esteem based on their individual qualities and fulfillments of a valued role in society. To this end it is contingent upon the valued individuals in society to assist those with less opportunities and socially valued roles to identify and pursue the areas in which they can achieve a sense of value and fulfillment based on their attributes.


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Our Vision is that each person we serve will live and work in the community and be accepted by their neighbors.