Marrakech Programs & Services

Marrakech, Inc. provides a broad array of programs for children and adults with and without disabilities throughout Connecticut.

We assist individuals who face barriers to securing employment, connecting to necessary supportive services, accessing housing, and participating fully as contributing members of the community. The individuals we serve are encouraged to strive for long-term goals such as a higher level of self-sufficiency and greater acceptance by the community in which they live.

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Founded in 1971, Marrakech established the first halfway house in Connecticut for women with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Since then we've continued developing programs and services throughout the State of Connecticut encompassing support to people with challenging behaviors, families with complex needs, youth who are at risk, and people without disabilities who are unemployed and underemployed.

Marrakech Career Opportunities

Marrakech, Inc. has been providing entry-level, advanced employment, career advancement, career development, and promotional opportunities for people with skills and experience consistent with the agency's mission.

Work settings include private homes, group homes, main and satellite offices, numerous community and vocational locations.

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