The Academy for Human Service Training is a 15-16 week comprehensive program with the purpose of educating and training individuals for direct-care, entry-level positions in Human Services. Individuals will be prepared to work as Residential Counselors in facilities for adults or children with disabilities, Job Coaches for community-based work sites, Program Staff in community experience, and behavioral health services. The program also prepares individuals for more generalized customer service positions.

The competency-based curriculum is designed to provide broad-based exposure, education, and experience in many areas of Human Services, but with a focus on Developmental Disabilities and Customer Service. The classroom theoretical approach is combined with an internship to give students the opportunity to put classroom theory into practice via a hands-on approach.

Students will graduate with a wide range of skills and certifications. Some of the human service field certifications that students will receive are: Adult & Pediatric CPR and PMT (Physical & Psychological Management Training). In addition to these certifications, students will also be required to complete the National Customer Service Assessment in order to obtain the National Professional Certification in Customer Service.

Further, we know that in order to work effectively with others we need to know ourselves. The program attempts to help students develop a better understanding of themselves and a greater awareness of their own strengths.
Class hours may vary and are designed to meet the needs of the students.

Applicant Criteria:
• Be 18 years of age or older
• Have a high school diploma or GED
• Have a valid CT Driver’s License or be eligible for the same
• Have no drug-related or felony convictions within the past ten years.
• Have a medical status that would allow for performance in entry-level, direct-care duties without significant risk of injury
• Participate in a pre-admission review
• Have the ability to commit to the entirety of the training program
• Be available for full-time employment upon completion of the program
• Have the ability to meet additional guidelines determined by our funding sources

Geographic Areas Covered: AHST sites are located in Bridgeport and Waterbury, Connecticut. Students may attend from any city or town as long as their local workforce investment board or other funding source approves one of these training locations.

For Pathways To Referral or For More Information, Contact:

Eileen Thirkield
AHST Coordinator
Phone: (203) 338-0642
Fax: (203) 338-0654

Rachel Lombardozzi
Senior Coordinator of Training & Staff Development
Phone: (203) 389-2970 ext. 1042
Fax: (203) 397-0658

Need a Job?

  • Are you at least 18?
  • Have a High School Diploma or GED?
  • Have or are eligible for a CT Drivers License?
  • Want to work with people?
  • Willing to work full-time?

If you answered yes, you could qualify for Human Services training at NO COST!


Student Support Services: The Program or Case Manager will assist students with the group process and cover topics including problem-solving skills, diversity, teamwork, and self-esteem. The Program Manager will also provide students with information and resources that will allow them to be more self-sufficient. Students will learn the skills to effectively take a more active role in their successes. Motivation and general etiquette will be developed as the students move toward the workforce. The Program Manager maintains an “open door” policy. Students will receive assistance with obtaining employment at the completion of the program and all students will receive a minimum of six months of follow up services to aid in obtaining and maintaining employment.

Internships: The internship is designed to allow students to be placed in a group home or residential program, supported living apartments, vocational programs, other community-based programs or customer service positions to gain experience and practical training. The purpose is to have the students incorporate work situations and classroom theory. The internship requirement is a minimum of 240 hours. The internship will facilitate the development of Human Service ethics while under the supervision and support of the site monitor. Internships will also address areas such as punctuality, attitude, performance, and reliability.

Information Sessions

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 3:30pm via Zoom.

No appointment required.

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