Behavioral Services


Marrakech’s Behavioral Services Department offers assistance to individuals and families who have behavioral health concerns. Behavioral Supports are offered both in the home and in the community. Marrakech’s Behaviorists are credentialed through the Department of Developmental Services(DDS). Our Behaviorists are experienced in working with individuals who are diagnosed with depression, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, emotional disturbances, and chronic medical conditions, just to name a few. We provide services throughout the State of Connecticut. The services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Functional Assessments/Observations
  • Develop individualized and comprehensive behavior support plans
  • Staff/Guardian training on behavior support plan
  • Behavior reports (as needed)
  • Participation in team meetings (as needed)
  • Participation in individual meetings (as needed)
  • Review of behavior data

Please fill out a Referral Form if you are interested in services for yourself or someone else.

Fees: $121.20 per hour