COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

Program Status Updates

Academy for Human Service TrainingOpen- Reduced Capacity; remote services available
CHAP Case Management ServicesServices will be provided remotely only
East Street Arts StudioStorefront Open. Day Services Open- Reduced Capacity
Island Lane Day ProgramOpen- Reduced Capacity
New Milford Day ProgramOpen- Reduced Capacity
Oak Tree Day ProgramOpen- Reduced Capacity
Taking Initiative CenterOpen- Reduced Capacity
Work to Learn CentersOpen- Reduced Capacity
Weekend RespiteClosed until further notice
Young Adult Services Chill ZoneOpen- Reduced Capacity

An Update on COVID-19 at Marrakech- 12/4/20

Pandemic updates are really only accurate for one day at a time, one moment in time. The number of positive cases, the CDC and CT State Guidelines, policies, restrictions, funding and developments are constantly changing.

For example, here at Marrakech, we flattened the curve and stopped the spread of COVID-19 in its tracks for the people we support in group homes on April 9, 2020, just 14 days after our first positive case. At the time, we had a total of 11 COVID positive cases. Months after our live in model and rigorous restrictions were implemented and followed, the State began to re-open, day programs and other face-to-face services returned to modified or full operation, and we were once again facing more potential exposure. The enhanced funding we received at the onset of COVID that allowed us to implement those early restrictions and avoid laying off any of our employees stopped on July 1, 2020.

Today as we write this, we are at a total of 29 positive cases for the people we support, which is 29 too many.

In juxtaposition of this update is our pandemic narrative, which has been steady and accurate since day one. The people we support, their families, our front-line employees, administration, leadership, volunteers, board, supporters and community partners have been consistently on point; strong, and pivoting daily. Each person contributes what they can to maintain the physical and fiscal health as well as the happiness of our entire Marrakech family. Our critically essential employees are heroes.

Together we continue to ensure that all of our Marrakech employees have the proper PPE and cleaning supplies to be safe at work. We are finding ways to hold safe celebrations and provide virtual services when needed. We are keeping the doors open and extending hours to our Taking Initiative Center for people who are struggling with addictions and mental illness, many of whom are also homeless, so they can access staff support, basic need and safety supplies throughout the pandemic. We are continuing the provision of individualized supports that address self-sufficiency and quality of life for many people living on their own in the community.

What has been really emphasized to us through this pandemic is something we already knew – the value of Human Potential.


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Letter from the President & CEO 4.2.20

Letter from President & CEO 3.13.20 


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