DDS Community & Employment Services (CES)

Helping people exercise their right to choose what they wish to experience

The Community and Employment Services Department is primarily funded by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and referral for services comes through DDS. A private pay option is available for individuals.

Employees working in the Community and Employment Services Department meet Marrakech hiring and training requirements prior to working with individuals.  These requirements include education qualifications, background checks and training on various topics including agency policy, health and safety standards (CPR, PMT, etc), abuse and neglect, and medical awareness. Experience and educational requirements vary based on position.

Each location offers Community Experience Programs (DSO, IDN and Senior Supports) and Employment Services (GSE, IDV and SEI). The West Haven location also includes an Autism Services Program.

Community Experience Programs

Description: The Community Experience Programs offer a variety of recreational, habilitative, and leisure activities for adults with a developmental disability who may also have physical disabilities or behavioral challenges. Individuals in this program generally do not have a primary employment goal; however, some individuals volunteer or become involved with occasional piecework. Participants are encouraged to maximize their independence, choice making, community relationships, and meaningful community experiences.

Services are offered Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00AM-4:30PM. The frequency of services is dependent upon the individualized needs.  The program goal is to create an environment that will enable persons, regardless of their physical, medical, intellectual, behavioral or other challenges, opportunities for personal enjoyment and growth, and satisfaction from activities involving community belonging, social enhancement, recreation and leisure, work or volunteering.

Employment Services

Description: The employment services program offers a variety of vocational supports, from individualized (SEI and IDV) to group based (GSE).

Individualized employment services focus on helping the individual achieve independence and success through competitive employment in the community. Based on assessments, professional supports will be provided to people with developmental disabilities who have the potential and skills to work independently, but may require some periodic assistance on the job. The goal is that once an individual placement is made in the community, job supports can fade over time.

The goal of the Group Supported Employment (GSE) Program is to maintain successful employment in a community setting for a small group of individuals with similar needs. An Employment Specialist is on site at all times to serve as the supervisor of the work setting, to act as the liaison with the host company and to ensure the quality of the work being performed. The Employment Specialist is responsible for assessing the skills and need areas of the individuals in order to assist them in establishing their goals and employment paths. Additionally, participants will learn skills for work that are marketable should the individual wish to move to a more independent work situation in the future.

Autism Services

Description: The Autism Services Program is a specialized Community Experience program located at 450 Island Lane in West Haven.  This program provides specialized services to individuals who are diagnosed with an Autism-Spectrum Disorder.  This program provides specialized sensory rooms for individuals to utilize including a planetarium, music room as well as other areas for relaxation.  Physical activity is an important part of the day and activities are available throughout the day.  This program also has community participation as a key component.  Services are flexible based on the needs, goals and objectives for each individual.

Geographic Areas Covered: West Haven, Waterbury and New Milford.

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