DDS Community Experience Program

Our Community Experience Programs are tailored to provide recreational, habilitative, and leisure activities for adults with developmental disabilities. In general, individuals in this program do not have a primary employment goal; however, some individuals volunteer or become involved with occasional paid work opportunities. The aim is to maximize independence, choice-making, relationships, and meaningful community experiences. Whether through volunteering, occasional work, engaging in recreation, and other activities that promote community belonging, we create an inclusive environment where every individual can thrive.

Autism Services

The Autism Services Program is a specialized Community Experience program specifically designed for those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This program provides specialized sensory rooms for individuals to utilize including a planetarium and music room as well as other areas for relaxation. Physical activity is an important part of the day and activities are available throughout the day. This program also has community participation as a key component. Services are flexible based on the needs, goals, and objectives of each individual.

Details: Services are offered Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM-4:30 PM. The frequency of services is dependent upon individualized needs. Geographic areas covered include West Haven, Waterbury, and New Milford.

DDS Community Experience Program Contact Information:

Jamie Owens
Director of Community & Employment Services
Phone: (203) 389-2970, ext. 1446

Zeno Payton
Vice President of DDS Community and Employment Services
Phone: (203) 389-2970, ext. 1214

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