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SHP Vocational Services

The Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services-funded Supportive Housing Program (SHP) provides services to homeless adults with mental illness and/or co-occurring substance abuse disorder who reside in DMHAS Catchment Area 7 (see eligibility below for specific towns).

SHP vocational staff members work with program participants to identify needs, goals, and resources that maximize independence. Vocational staff collaborates treatment planning with clinical, residential, and social programs to help each individual achieve their established vocational goals. While the overall focus is on career development for the purpose of achieving economic self-sufficiency, the program takes a broad approach to address and remove barriers to employment such as lack of housing, immediate health conditions, and addiction.

The program offers vocational interest inventories/career planning, job-seeking skills instruction, job development, and follow-up services. Also available are independent living skills training, job performance evaluation, case coordination, referral services, and individual counseling. Services are continued based on the individual's need and their expressed desire to work. To ensure that the dignity and respect of each individual is maintained and promoted throughout the community and that people have the opportunity to assume positive adult roles, staff seeks opportunities for individual choice and empowerment. The program also seeks feedback from program participants regarding satisfaction with services.

Eligibility: To be eligible for the SHP and its various components, individuals must be homeless, age 18 or older, reside in Catchment Area 7 (New Haven, Hamden, and Woodbridge, CT), and have a mental illness or co-occurring substance use disorder. To request services, the CSN referral form must be completed and signed by a clinician. It can be downloaded at or you may request a packet by calling (203) 974-7082.


The DMHAS-funded Work Services Program offers career planning and development services to assist persons with mental health issues in achieving their employment objectives. The program serves individuals by offering entitlement assessment, vocational interest inventories/career planning, job-seeking skills instruction, job development, on-the-job support, and follow-up. In this highly individualized program, each person receives services specifically tailored to meet their unique situation and set of needs. The Work Services Program uses Individual Placement & Support to ensure the support needed, to obtain and maintain a job.

Eligibility: Individuals interested in services must meet the DMHAS eligibility requirements of mental illness and be involved in clinical services in the New Haven or Stamford areas. The Stamford area program is limited to individuals associated with the Young Adult Services clinical team there. Those interested in services in either area should speak to their clinicians regarding a referral to one of the Employment Specialists. Individuals in the New Haven area should complete the CSN Referral Packet with their clinicians and follow the instructions on the form for submission. It can be downloaded at or call (203) 974-7082 for a referral packet.

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DMHAS Employment Services Contact Information:

Tyler Evans
Director of Behavioral Health Services
Phone: (203) 389-2970, ext. 1312

Lauren Pace
Vice President of Behavioral Health and Career Development
Phone: (203) 389-2970, ext. 1329

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