Employment Services


Employment services focus on helping people with disabilities to enter or re-enter the workforce, achieve independence and success through competitive employment in the community. The overall goal is career development for the purpose of achieving economic self-sufficiency. In this highly individualized program, each person receives services specifically tailored to meet their unique situation and set of needs. An Employment Plan will be created based on each individual's vocational goals

The program offers customized employment, vocational interest inventories, resume preparation, interview skills training, career planning, job-seeking skills instruction, job development, job placement, on-the-job support, job training, job performance evaluation, entitlement assessment, benefits counseling and follow-up services.

Job Club

The Job Club is an opportunity for someone to join a group workshop that focuses on helping the person with the following skills: interest inventories, resume writing, job search techniques, interviewing skills and networking.

Please fill out a Referral Form if you are interested in services for yourself or someone else.


$35 per hour

Job Club: $25 per session