Outreach & Engagement Services


Outreach workers are in the community seeking out people who are unhoused or residing in an uninhabitable living situation and who have not yet considered taking steps toward recovery and attempt to connect them with needed services. Many outreach workers are in recovery themselves and use their experiences to help relate to people as they approach them on the streets or various locations including in shelters. The outreach workers strive to help those long disillusioned with the “system” learn and access the resources now available to them. Outreach and Engagement staff provides intensive case management services, including linkages to clinical and employment services. Marrakech has one Outreach and Engagement Case Manager that is part of a collaborative team made up of several community providers led by Columbus House.

Eligibility: Individuals interested in services must meet the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) definition of homeless. Individuals must lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence, be located in New Haven, are currently not actively involved in the service system or in treatment, and have not had success with previous recovery strategies. Once engaged, individuals will be screened for DMHAS eligibility.

Contact Information:

Amanda Perillo
Senior VP of Program Operations
Phone: (203) 389-2970, Ext. 1212
Fax: (203) 397-0658

Mailing Address:
Marrakech, Inc.
Six Lunar Drive Woodbridge, CT 06525
Main Phone: (203) 389-2970
Main Fax: (203) 397-0658

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