Marrakech's Person-Centered Philosophy

Marrakech is committed to delivering person-centered services throughout the organization. Being person-centered means that all individuals supported by Marrakech have positive control over the lives they desire and find satisfying; they are recognized and valued for their contributions (current and potential) to their communities; and are supported in a web of relationships, both natural and paid, within their communities. All services are driven by the person served.

Marrakech does this by ensuring the following:

  • All plans of service for persons served are developed through a person-centered planning process
  • The plans of service are based on the expressed interests, needs, hopes and dreams of persons served as well as their strengths and abilities in order to achieve desired outcomes
  • Maximum level of self-sufficiency, community inclusion, and quality of life are at the forefront of all supports
  • Families and other individuals identified by persons served are considered valued members of the support team
  • The process encourages choice, personal control, and independence while considering any identified concerns about the person’s health, welfare, and safety.
  • Persons served are involved in the hiring process of support staff to the extent desired and are matched with staff based on identified qualities and traits
  • Persons served are supported in their role as self-advocate and Marrakech employees are here to assist them in exercising their rights as opportunities arise. We believe that the people we support should have their voices heard on all issues that impact their lives.

The person-centered planning process utilizes the life course domains across the individuals' lifespan. With person-centered thinking, the individual supported is the focus of their life and includes exploring the following:

  • Daily Life and Employment
  • Community living
  • Social and Spirituality
  • Healthy Living
  • Safety and Security
  • Citizenship and Advocacy

The focus on the individual as part of a family within a community. Goods and services are developed in the context of the individual being an integral part of the family and community in general. Goods and services exist to help strengthen the bond of family and community and not to isolate the individual as someone with just a need.