Person-Centered Services


Our Person-Centered Services are designed to support individuals and families through specialized training, planning for the future, navigating systems, and more, all which help to ensure a fulfilled life.


Whether you are an individual, part of a school system, a private nonprofit, or state provider, our certified trainer from The Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices will guide you through a transformative experience.

Cost: Choose from a 3-hour overview at just $25/person (minimum 5 people) or a comprehensive 2-day interactive training for $2,500 with materials included.


Our Certified Person-Centered Thinking Skills trainer will assist you in crafting a life course framework to achieve a good life for your loved one. Together, we will explore what is truly important to and for them, ensuring personalized face-to-face support. Discover the path to securing the life your loved one desires.

Cost: $50/hour.


We are here to support you in navigating the complexities of various state support systems (DSS, DDS, DMHAS, DCF, BOE). Our education and guidance empower you to explore community options, entitlements, and the language of support systems.

Targeted Case Management includes documented assessments that help identify needs followed by a selection of activities and assistance necessary to meet those needs. Individuals will receive linkage, consultation and referral to service providers and placement activities, help with arranging appointments and/or transportation to medical, social, educational, and other services, and crisis assistance planning.

Cost: $50/hour for Targeted Case Management. Other supports, such as a group educational series when offered may be at no cost to you.


Marrakech pioneers nontraditional shared living arrangements incorporating sustainable technology across the life span. Whether you are a family, state provider, or private provider, we offer technical assistance tailored to your unique needs.

Cost: Fees are determined on a case-by-case basis.


As part of The National Community of Practice for Supporting Families Across the LifeSpan (CoP), Marrakech strives to enhance and drive policy, practice, and system transformation to support people with intellectual/developmental disabilities within the context of their families and communities by:

Providing a national structure for learning and exchanging best and promising person-/family-centered practices and policy enhancements for public state agencies, community partners and grassroots stakeholders.

Uniting across the country around a common value set and language using the principles of supporting families.

Connecting like-minded peers across the country for networking and shared learning to enhance and encourage each state’s efforts and implementation strategies.

Marrakech utilizes the LifeCourse structure and person-centered values to connect with the universal language of symbols that depicts a commitment to the best person-centered practices within the context of the individual centered in their own community and family.

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Lisa Jardin
Vice President of Person-Centered Community Connections
Phone: (203) 389-2970, ext. 1611

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