Planned Giving

Planned Giving Legacy Donors are life-long partners with the Marrakech organization and its mission. In many cases, they have witnessed first-hand the positive impact Marrakech has made, since 1971, on the lives of individuals and their communities. They are past and present employees, volunteer board members, families, and guardians.

Legacy Donors deeply appreciate and value the depth and breadth of supports and services Marrakech provides. They see the outcomes – the pride, self-sufficiency, and other personal achievements that might well have remained out of reach for many absent Marrakech supports. They marvel at how Marrakech has opened doors of opportunity for persons historically denied access to individualized services, and they are 100% behind Marrakech’s efforts to make cutting edge, individualized, outcome-based supports available to all.

Planned Giving may be accomplished in many forms – it could be designating a percentage or fixed dollar amount of your estate to Marrakech in your will, making Marrakech a beneficiary on a life insurance policy or 401(k)/403(b)/IRA retirement plan, donating appreciated property, or setting up a charitable gift annuity.

We hope you will consider becoming part of our growing list of Planned Giving Legacy Members. Your commitment to us now ensures that Marrakech will be able to continue its mission of bringing hope, self-sufficiency, independence, and dignity to all those we serve in the future.

Planned gifts may offer substantial tax benefits to donors by reducing taxable income or avoiding taxes on capital gains. Please consult your tax or financial advisor to see how these savings and strategies might apply to you.

For more information on or to further discuss planned giving options, please contact:

Jay Korman
Development Coordinator
Phone: (203) 389-2970, ext. 1030

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