Quality of Life Services

In response to the input from people we support, Marrakech established a vehicle by which to meet community integration and connection desires. The Quality of Life program assists individuals with disabilities with integrating into their communities and offers opportunities for participants to establish a sense of value and self-esteem based on their individual qualities and contributions.

The Quality of Life program plans a monthly calendar of enrichment activities that strive to improve the many facets that make up our sense of fulfillment. These activities center around learning new skills, making new friends and maintaining relationships, achieving financial well-being and housing stability, improving one’s health and wellbeing, increasing a person’s sense of safety and belonging. Sometimes, it is just about having fun.

Quality of Life services are available to all individuals supported by Marrakech as well as community members who would like to participate. Fees, locations, and hours range based on activity.

Quality of Life Services Contact Information:

Diane Cleary, B.A.
Vice President of Quality of Life
Phone: (203) 389-2970, ext. 1205

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