Who We Are

Marrakech is a diverse nonprofit organization that has been providing person-centered, unique, and cost-effective human services for individuals with all abilities throughout Connecticut since 1971. Our services are varied but all share the common goal of uplifting individuals to achieve greater self-sufficiency through personalized support and opportunities.

Our team serves more than 1,000 individuals each year. They are our neighbors with disabilities, children transitioning to adulthood, friends battling with addiction, homelessness, and mental illness, and community members who need assistance to find a job or make ends meet. Marrakech helps provide homes, build skills, and support individuals and families through a person-centered approach that encourages people to reach their potential. Our goal is to achieve the best quality of life for those we support in order to foster inclusivity and build stronger communities.

"It is one thing to proceed as if there is only one way of thinking about a problem, and it is quite another thing to be aware that one is choosing a course of action from a universe of possibilities.”

Seymour Sarason

Marrakech has a long history of innovation in the human services industry. We believe in the power of personalized support and take the time to deeply understand each person's goals and aspirations. By crafting holistic, tailored programs, we ensure that our services cater to the needs of each person we support. Our commitment to innovation drives us to continuously evolve and develop new approaches, even if it means designing entirely new programs to meet one individual's unmet need.


To provide residential, employment, support, referral, and advocacy services to individuals with disabilities and people with similar service needs to assist them in exercising their human rights as citizens and contributing members of society.


Our Vision is that each person we serve will live and work in the community and be accepted by their neighbors, co-workers, family, friends, and acquaintances for their individual qualities and contributions.